Storm, birds and art

The bird disco, gone with the wind 🥺

The storm from last weekend took one of the five artworks from my project Diversity in One from the Meeuwenlaan in Amsterdam. Hundreds of kids had participated so I hope to find it back and replace it!

Playing on installation Oude Kerk Amsterdam

April 2019, performing on the installation of
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller.
The Instrument of Troubled Dreams is a site-specific installation that was composed in and around the Oude Kerk Amsterdam.

An impression:
A raven flies across the space; a lonely oarsman bobs up and down among the pillars of the flooded church; a boat full of people is hit by a storm off the coast; Sweelinck sits composing at the organ; a pack of bombers rushes past overhead; police search a small apartment; a Ferris wheel mounted on an inland barge drifts by.