From sound to vision and vice versa, a seminar

From sound to vision and vice versa, a seminar for the University of the Arts HKU, games.

Student did mainly research and find their boundaries. Create new work. There was work about a mother who was an opera singer and who passed away. A student used her own anxieties, two created dances and one tried to recreate the sound of his cat that had just passed with machines inspired by Tinguely

Open Oscilator Festival

I am, my voice is, part of The Listening Project in the Open Oscilator Festival at the Tolhuistuistuin! A festival of experimental (synth) music and sound. That’s great 👍🏼

The Listening Project is the growing sound archive of artists Rosalie Wammes, Rosa Ronsdorf, and Roos Pollmann. They have created an installation about time with the voices of residents of Noord. In an immersive installation, you can experience a new perspective on time.

pictures by Rosa, Rosali and Roos