Sentimental Journal is out

Great to have 8 pages; interview and work in this beautiful international magazine: Sentimental Journal from Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar. Lots of mail art from my archive! Correspondence nr. 5

Mail art and me
Beautifully printed.

Ready for Sentimental Journey

Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar, the founders of Sentimental Journey came over to make photos of my Mail-Art, my studio, my Graphic Scores and me. A lot of work but excellent choices where made!

Creating a pile of Mail-Art for a good pic

Interview Mail-Art

For the new magazine Sentimental Journey the founders Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar came over to my studio for some research. I showed them my Mail-Art archive and my graphic scores. Both art forms started in the 50 tees and still have my interest.

Showing some Mail-Art

Back in Bizznizz

Back in Bizznizz! De Boterhal is open! Visitors all afternoon. Got as a response: my work looks as magic realisme (Johfra). Good expression of fear… wonderful combination with sound…

People scanning the codes to listen to the great music of Reniet Vrieze and Thomas Geerts. Hope we keep the energy going!

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