Saturday June 10th, is the unveiling of my three art works in the public space in Amsterdam.
One of them is the Mascotte of Amsterdam Noord called Noord-Sider. I am really proud of the result and grateful for the assignment. Thanks Rochedale and Municipality of Amsterdam.

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New Works, Mooimakers

New works presented. Big thanks to all the beautiful people and organizations who cooperated in this project!
I portrait the residents of Amsterdam-North and their ancestors. Dutch, Surinam, Maroccan, Turkish, Chinese and ++. A mix of cultures! ❤️🎶☀️👍🏼

Storm, birds and art

The bird disco, gone with the wind 🥺

The storm from last weekend took one of the five artworks from my project Diversity in One from the Meeuwenlaan in Amsterdam. Hundreds of kids had participated so I hope to find it back and replace it!