With Friend and director Tjepke Zijlstra from Luim film. He gave me the assignment to deliver visuals for his experimental film/installation; Crash.

I focus on the energie and flashbacks de main character has when he left the car after been in a severe crash! We stand in front of the visual research that should finally become a graphic score. It is very abstract.

As research I did a.o. an interview with a person who had been clinical dead two times.
Do you have a sort of experience like that?

In front of the series Crash paintings

West Side Story

The new version of West Side Story made me aware how modern the music of Bernstein still is and how actual the theme still is. It shows the spiral of aggression and revanche creating more pain and grieve. As it was in the Romeo and Julia of Shakespeare. The Audience was crying and shouted noooo!

The translation was horrible often not even close to what they sang or meant.

Rules because of Covid where strictly applied so that felt good.

The poster