Summer garden

Summer! Look at my garden: Donec vir aestate flowerer(l) and the Varia dominae aesthetic flowerer. Very exclusive plants.


New Works, Mooimakers

New works presented. Big thanks to all the beautiful people and organizations who cooperated in this project!
I portrait the residents of Amsterdam-North and their ancestors. Dutch, Surinam, Maroccan, Turkish, Chinese and ++. A mix of cultures! ❤️🎶☀️👍🏼


With Friend and director Tjepke Zijlstra from Luim film. He gave me the assignment to deliver visuals for his experimental film/installation; Crash.

I focus on the energie and flashbacks de main character has when he left the car after been in a severe crash! We stand in front of the visual research that should finally become a graphic score. It is very abstract.

As research I did a.o. an interview with a person who had been clinical dead two times.
Do you have a sort of experience like that?

In front of the series Crash paintings

Ulises Carrion and me

It’s been quit a while since I was an active mail-art artist. I worked in Other Books And So with Ulises Carrión (his picture on the wall of my studio) and had my share of books, stamps, exhibitions etc.

These questions came in my mind: what is the meaning of mail art nowadays. Esp. in relation to all the communication we already have?
What does it do to for you?
Are there big players?
How does it work today?
How does mail art relate to other artforms?

Ulises at Other Books And So Archive at the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam, at the time I also worked there
Stamps from the past when I was in my Baroque’s Brothel Art Period.
Detail of my postage stamp art A4 format

Akzo Nobel’s choice

The singing ringing tree, teedeleedee. For my baby. I need an adventure. Titels of the works now in the collection of Akzo Nobel .

Great to have the curator Augusti of Akzo Nobel over. They have a interest in my latest work. My Re-tweets, based on tweets.

Going through my last watercolor drawings, Augusto made the choice for those three

A series of my watercolors on the ground. At the back my work for the graphic exhibition, a huge monotype.

New Work

New in my collection a drawing from Tammo Schuringa which he made with Thé Tjong-King.

F.l.t.r moi , Tammo and a mix of Tammo and Thé Tjong-King

Project: Homeles 2003

Titel: Koot Light design. I drew this after a picture I made in one of the polluted abandoned houses that I visited. Some of those houses were filled with dirt up to the roof. The smell was horrible.

Koot Light Design 210×150 (cm.)