Exhibition HKU

Proud of our students year 3 and 4 from the University of the Arts HKU, games. Presenting their projects they have worked on for half a year! A beautiful exhibition with artist talks! ❤️👍🏼🫶🏼

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Notes of a Nut

At work. Almost finished my graphic score: Notes of a Nut. Based on the war by the Russians. It’s been a long slow proces. But never giving up and keep on working to process what visuals mean in sound. Love doing this

Azdaya, a graphic score

Notes of a nut. Graphic score in the making. Related to the play: Notes of an idiot / Diary by an idiot, from the Russian writer Gogol. He describes how an insignificant civil servant suffers from delusions of magnanimity.
The name of the monster is Azdaya. It has many heads. It’s goal is destruction.

Crash, the graphic score

At work. Creating my graphic score for director Tjepke Zijlstra for his film/installation Crash. At a sweaty 7 degrees Celsius.

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Playing on installation Oude Kerk Amsterdam

April 2019, performing on the installation of
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller.
The Instrument of Troubled Dreams is a site-specific installation that was composed in and around the Oude Kerk Amsterdam.

An impression:
A raven flies across the space; a lonely oarsman bobs up and down among the pillars of the flooded church; a boat full of people is hit by a storm off the coast; Sweelinck sits composing at the organ; a pack of bombers rushes past overhead; police search a small apartment; a Ferris wheel mounted on an inland barge drifts by.