What does fear sound like?

Hoorn, Boterhal

In this exhibition A lot of Graphic scores are shown. Via QR codes the visitor could listen to to the music of composers based on these scores, amongst others of Thomas Geerts and Reniet Vrieze. This is where the passion for art and music melts together. Also a part of my opera (Potestas; working title) was on display.

an explanation of how visuals and sound come together from my studio

O, tell me the truth about love.

At Amsterdam West / Joost Vermeulen/ Kunst Traject

Based on the poem of W.H.Auden, artist where asked to make a work. I finished the poem in my own way.

The Meeting a Cadavre exquise, as curator artist

At arti et Amititea, Amsterdam

I curated a part of the exhibition “Open Call”. Professional Artists could claim a part of a collaborative artwork, a mural. Everyone got a square of the huge mural and make the drawing on the fly. It was based on blind drawing of the surrealists. So if the artist had created his/her part he/she should leave some remarks in the square around it and cover his/her own drawing. It was released during the opening of Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.


Leeuwarden: Fries Museum

This was an exhibition about Franciscus from Assissi. I asked myself what he would experience in our time… He would see the homeless as I saw them sleeping in my street and around other parts of the city of Amsterdam. the drawing was from a little old motorcycle that was parked around the corner. in the last part from about 120 cm long an old women lived .

Glazen Huis: The Glass House

National TV and Radio

The Glase house is a yearly Dutch event at the end of the year towards Christmas. Three DJ lock themselves up in glase house without food, only drinks and make programmes for about 5 days. Everyone can come by to see them and offer them money, not cash. Or in our case give them an artwork for auction.

I was invited by the a nature t.v. program to create an artwork. It is partly a community work as the listeners could sent in the baby photo’s. The goal was to raise money for the protection of women. Mylene Gordinau de Gouberville, the anchor woman of the program handed it over on National Television to Giel Beelen, the anchor man in the Glass House

Museum Monnikendam

Frans Hals Museum, De vleeshal. Titel: The Seduction

Haarlem, Frans Hals Museum, De vleeshal, solo

This solo exhibition was a mixture of paintings photographs, 3d and sound. The visuals were partly based on the internet and nightlife

Novi Sad

At the biannual of Novi Sad I got a prize for Renewal of Photography. I made a series about dead in theatre plays and I performed in is as well. Because of that my work was honoured in magazine Toneel Teatraal.