I have worked with many clients and for many clients; as artist, performer and also as teacher/coach from the University of the Arts HKU. At the HKU I worked with groups of students from all schools as well from the HKU itself as from students from a brought for instance Master students as well as with researchers from the University of Utrecht.

In Wie Wind Zaait. He who sows wind

Clients: Stedelijk Museum: exhibition, Frans Hals Museum: exhibition, Fries Museum Leeuwarden: exhibition, Arlon Luyten (director for theatre, an interactive application) via HKU, Micha Hamel (interactive concert for Holland Festival) via HKU, Crossing Border Festival (poetry and music) via HKU, Thomas Geerts (composer) grapahic sores, Reniet Vrieze (composer) songwriting and graphic score, Open lucht Museum Arnhem (a game in the open air) via HKU, Ives Ensemble (performance, movies in Gebouw aan het IJ) via HKU, Total Theatre at the Conservatory Utrecht for King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima via HKU, Maljers Eye Centre: a series of paintings, My home; drawings, Woning stichting Eigen Haard (project), AFK Fonds (because of a project), Amsterdam Museum (exhibition), Stichting Wherelant (diversity of projects), Rob Voerman (interactive installation) for Lowlands via HKU, Okura Hotel (community project), director Tjepke zijlstra for his film Crash (graphic score)