Bijan Nakisa

Having a wonderful evening with Bijan Nakisa who started painting a beautiful portrait of me 👍🏼💫🥂!

Graphic score: the Kiss

The first large drawing in which I combined a scenery with a graphic score. The score is combined in the picture to get a better idea of the development.

TenToon Ensemble at my studio

Exciting and great to have the musicians and board of TenToon Ensemble in my studio for the presentation about the opera Potestas from composer Thomas Geerts and me. 😁
Thomas presented the music he wrote based on my graphic score and a part of the overture and I presented the story and the related art. 
We had a wonderful meeting. Thanks big! 💝

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Listening to the music of Thomas Geerts
Presenting my art and related story

Mooimakers at the roof of the Hollyday Inn

For the Project Mooimakers. A community art project at Amsterdam North I did some visual research and made a picture of the North Riverside Area. The manager Fillipe Silva showed me the way to the rooftop.

Filips da Silva and me at the roof.
Amsterdam North with view in the IJ (the name of the water)

Ulises Carrion and me

It’s been quit a while since I was an active mail-art artist. I worked in Other Books And So with Ulises Carrión (his picture on the wall of my studio) and had my share of books, stamps, exhibitions etc.

These questions came in my mind: what is the meaning of mail art nowadays. Esp. in relation to all the communication we already have?
What does it do to for you?
Are there big players?
How does it work today?
How does mail art relate to other artforms?

Ulises at Other Books And So Archive at the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam, at the time I also worked there
Stamps from the past when I was in my Baroque’s Brothel Art Period.
Detail of my postage stamp art A4 format