Cabaret Deconstruit

A great performance of dance company Leina Roebana and Dyane Donck Compagny (sound, music) Everything is so intergraded and comes so beautifully together. Proud of my colleague Diane Donck who created the beautiful musical story. It was like a surrealistic dream.

The photos are taken before the start of the performance.

Notes of a Nut

At work. Almost finished my graphic score: Notes of a Nut. Based on the war by the Russians. It’s been a long slow proces. But never giving up and keep on working to process what visuals mean in sound. Love doing this

Performance Neco Novellas

On the Roof: on top of a building in Amsterdam Neco took as om a trip to Mozambique. We heated the rithme of the land the sounds of the wind and the birds, the stories of his grandparents and his dad who was absent. We clapped and sang together. That was really a wonderful experience. Thanks Neco!

From the roof
From the roof

Calefax Reed Quintet

A great visitor in my studio last year: Jelte Althuis from the wonderful Calefax Reed Quintet, studying on my graphic scores! Maybe for a future joint event… Calefax is familiar with the experimental approach. They also performed the Garden of earthly delights of Jeroen Bosch:

Calefax Reed Quintet, #music #art #graphicscore #grafischepartituur #experiment #experimentalmusic #calefax #museum #gallery #happynews

Jelte Althuis with my Graphic score The Kiss
Jelte with my triptych, graphic score

Elvis and L.Vis

Happy birthday Elvis.
From the project L.Vis. For an exhibition which I joined as lousy impersonator. 😁 With real original blue sued shoes that is.

ELVIS PRESLEY #elvis #HenC #exhibition #performance #gallery #music #bluesuedeshoes #queenMaxima #fiftees #crazyshit

Duo D ‘Alors

Renate Jorg, piano and accordion and singing and Henk Fakkeldij; singing and spoken word.

We cannot be booked anymore.

Duo D’Alors Rehearsal Renate Jorg and Henk Fakkeldij

Liberium 4 musicians and an visual artist.

Where did the name come from?

Born from the chemical cocktail of Lithium and Beryllium as well as a touch of Liberty, they ended up with…Liberium! Well, let’s leave aside the chemical explanations and continue our journey:

Liberium consists of four artists – aka the “Liberii”- who translate their life experiences into a performance.

They are open to different means of expression: music, visuals arts, art of speech and who knows, maybe you can inspire them with new ideas…!

Who are they?

Liberium is formed by four passionate artists: Thomas Geerts (trumpet), Anouchka Scaillet (violin), Jarno va Es (piano) and last but not least, Henk Fakkeldij (anchor man and live graphics/drawings)

What do they do?

The Liberii have just launched their show “American Beauty” based on an idea from Thomas Geerts. They perform works composed by Gershwin, Ewazen, Geerts and van Es.

“American Beauty” casts a light on some great American composers, their life and their time. Henk Fakkeldij creates visual works as a reflection on the music, these creations are projected live during the show: this allows the audience to fully experience the process.

Through little interviews the audience really gets an insight on the process of creation and the personal stories of the musicians: what they want to express and the feelings they want to share with the audience making Liberium a very dynamic group.

Geerts and van Es are not only performing artists but also compose music based on their own experiences. Most of the music is based on love stories…not surprising is it?