Sentimental Journal is out

Great to have 8 pages; interview and work in this beautiful international magazine: Sentimental Journal from Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar. Lots of mail art from my archive! Correspondence nr. 5

Mail art and me
Beautifully printed.

Exhibition Kunsttraject

Dreaming about Paradise. I exhibit a graphic score. This exhibition is always (safely) open for the audience!

Ledententoonstelling Dromen van het Paradijs

Wie hangt waar lijst:

van Boetzelaerstraat 56 Henk Fakkeldij
van Boetzelaerstraat 80 Jaring Lokhorst / Lynda Smids / Katherina Pöhlmann
van Boetzelaerstraat 92 Jacqueline Lamme / Lau Heidendael

Cliffordstraat 10 Nienke Kuipers / Moniek Dams / Birgit Busz
Cliffordstraat 16 Eva Camara / Saskia Spitz

van Hallstraat 13 Sipke Huismans / Jan Baas / Lisbeth Parisius
van Hallstraat 31 Joost Vermeulen / Kunst in Quarantaine

van Hogendorpstraat 205 Judith Heinsohn / Sylvia van Berkel

van der Hoopstraat 41 Roland Berning / Annie Schoterman
van der Hoopstraat 66 Adrian Faes / Frans van Tartwijk
van der Hoopstraat 88 Annechien Verhey / Marie-Luc Grall / Marieke Hunze
van der Hoopstraat 89 Simone Bosch / Saskia van der Giesen / Roy Jongeling

Groen van Prinstererstraat 19 Nelleke Bosland

J.M. Kemperstraat 89 Itie Langeland / Astrid van Dort / Rikje Teunissen
J.M. Kemperstraat 121 Karin Vromen / Jonkheer/Heinsohn
J.M. Kemperstraat 140 Lena Davidovich
J.M. Kemperstraat 148 Maurice van Tellingen / Micha Smit Kleine / Rudolf Valster

Liberium 4 musicians and an visual artist.

Where did the name come from?

Born from the chemical cocktail of Lithium and Beryllium as well as a touch of Liberty, they ended up with…Liberium! Well, let’s leave aside the chemical explanations and continue our journey:

Liberium consists of four artists – aka the “Liberii”- who translate their life experiences into a performance.

They are open to different means of expression: music, visuals arts, art of speech and who knows, maybe you can inspire them with new ideas…!

Who are they?

Liberium is formed by four passionate artists: Thomas Geerts (trumpet), Anouchka Scaillet (violin), Jarno va Es (piano) and last but not least, Henk Fakkeldij (anchor man and live graphics/drawings)

What do they do?

The Liberii have just launched their show “American Beauty” based on an idea from Thomas Geerts. They perform works composed by Gershwin, Ewazen, Geerts and van Es.

“American Beauty” casts a light on some great American composers, their life and their time. Henk Fakkeldij creates visual works as a reflection on the music, these creations are projected live during the show: this allows the audience to fully experience the process.

Through little interviews the audience really gets an insight on the process of creation and the personal stories of the musicians: what they want to express and the feelings they want to share with the audience making Liberium a very dynamic group.

Geerts and van Es are not only performing artists but also compose music based on their own experiences. Most of the music is based on love stories…not surprising is it?

Arti exhibition


The Salon, the yearly exhibition in Arti showed my WWI monster. A large drawing 150x 210 (in cm.)

Akzo Nobel’s choice

The singing ringing tree, teedeleedee. For my baby. I need an adventure. Titels of the works now in the collection of Akzo Nobel .

Great to have the curator Augusti of Akzo Nobel over. They have a interest in my latest work. My Re-tweets, based on tweets.

Going through my last watercolor drawings, Augusto made the choice for those three

A series of my watercolors on the ground. At the back my work for the graphic exhibition, a huge monotype.