Bloom Collective

At Openspace the NFT Gallerie in Amsterdam which shows the beautiful Bloom Artists with @stephanduq @The_Kid_Icarus @op_enspace @hanneshummel @dexamol_ @NoCreative_eth @DavidLisser

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Performance Neco Novellas

On the Roof: on top of a building in Amsterdam Neco took as om a trip to Mozambique. We heated the rithme of the land the sounds of the wind and the birds, the stories of his grandparents and his dad who was absent. We clapped and sang together. That was really a wonderful experience. Thanks Neco!

From the roof
From the roof

Graphic score: the Kiss

The first large drawing in which I combined a scenery with a graphic score. The score is combined in the picture to get a better idea of the development.

TenToon Ensemble at my studio

Exciting and great to have the musicians and board of TenToon Ensemble in my studio for the presentation about the opera Potestas from composer Thomas Geerts and me. 😁
Thomas presented the music he wrote based on my graphic score and a part of the overture and I presented the story and the related art. 
We had a wonderful meeting. Thanks big! 💝

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Listening to the music of Thomas Geerts
Presenting my art and related story


With Friend and director Tjepke Zijlstra from Luim film. He gave me the assignment to deliver visuals for his experimental film/installation; Crash.

I focus on the energie and flashbacks de main character has when he left the car after been in a severe crash! We stand in front of the visual research that should finally become a graphic score. It is very abstract.

As research I did a.o. an interview with a person who had been clinical dead two times.
Do you have a sort of experience like that?

In front of the series Crash paintings

Mooimakers at the roof of the Hollyday Inn

For the Project Mooimakers. A community art project at Amsterdam North I did some visual research and made a picture of the North Riverside Area. The manager Fillipe Silva showed me the way to the rooftop.

Filips da Silva and me at the roof.
Amsterdam North with view in the IJ (the name of the water)