West Side Story

The new version of West Side Story made me aware how modern the music of Bernstein still is and how actual the theme still is. It shows the spiral of aggression and revanche creating more pain and grieve. As it was in the Romeo and Julia of Shakespeare. The Audience was crying and shouted noooo!

The translation was horrible often not even close to what they sang or meant.

Rules because of Covid where strictly applied so that felt good.

The poster

Ready for Sentimental Journey

Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar, the founders of Sentimental Journey came over to make photos of my Mail-Art, my studio, my Graphic Scores and me. A lot of work but excellent choices where made!

Creating a pile of Mail-Art for a good pic

Interview Mail-Art

For the new magazine Sentimental Journey the founders Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar came over to my studio for some research. I showed them my Mail-Art archive and my graphic scores. Both art forms started in the 50 tees and still have my interest.

Showing some Mail-Art

Ulises Carrion and me

It’s been quit a while since I was an active mail-art artist. I worked in Other Books And So with Ulises Carrión (his picture on the wall of my studio) and had my share of books, stamps, exhibitions etc.

These questions came in my mind: what is the meaning of mail art nowadays. Esp. in relation to all the communication we already have?
What does it do to for you?
Are there big players?
How does it work today?
How does mail art relate to other artforms?

Ulises at Other Books And So Archive at the Bloemgracht in Amsterdam, at the time I also worked there
Stamps from the past when I was in my Baroque’s Brothel Art Period.
Detail of my postage stamp art A4 format