Graphic Score for Marion

Started working on a Graphic Score in remembrance of my sweet sister and great friend Marion, who recently past away.

Part 1: childhood to grownup and birds

Part 2: our trip through Cuba and Salsa

part 3: our last visit at the sea and the horror of dying

Noord in beeld

Noord in Beeld. I received this beautiful book from the author Pieter Roemer! It is so full of detail and made with very much attention. A lot of my works are in it. I’m grateful! 🙏🏼 And I love it. ❤️ It covers works that are exposed in the city outside.

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Vincent Van Gogh

HenC as Vincent after performing in theatre Purmeryn

At work: booked for The Dutch Heroes Festival as Vincent Van Gogh. I will read his letters and sing a song about his life and may be show his latest work 😄

Notes of a Nut

At work. Almost finished my graphic score: Notes of a Nut. Based on the war by the Russians. It’s been a long slow proces. But never giving up and keep on working to process what visuals mean in sound. Love doing this

NAILED; Murdering nun

Scetching and visual research for the series: Nailed; screaming priest, silent popes, sadistic nuns. Sound still needs to be added.

Sadistic nuns

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Visiting all but focus on Felix de Rooy. It was nice to see all the different facets of his work. I also felt confused afterwards probably by all the different approaches and mixed with other Stedelijk Museum Works to create a context.

Sound lab

Sound lab is situated at Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. In this installation cooperated with students of the HKU. Play with sounds and create visuals related to sounds.