Art projects

  • Graphic scores
  • Crash
  • The Flood
  • World War 1/ WWI
  • Homeless
  • Perfumes
  • Mail Art/Book Art

Graphic Scores

Graphic scores, improvisations

Graphic Scores: The land, The lockdown, The revelation. Sound by Reniet Vrieze.

Graphic Scores: The universe

What does fear sound like?

A graphic score about the WWI. What does fear sound like was also the title from my solo exhibition in the Boterhal in Hoorn 2021 What is interesting is that you have the sounds in the tunnels vs sounds of the Flanders Fields and the sound of the world of the dead.

Crash 2021

Crach is an assingment from director film maker Tjepke Zijlstra. He had been in a severe crash in Italy and asked me to make visuals based on his experiment just after the crash when he walked outside while he had no idea anymore where he was. There was some ‘guide’ beside him all the time and he had flashbacks in the form of energy. A very challanging and abstract question that I really love to put my teeth in! As a research I had a conversation with also someone who had two times a nearly dead experience.


Amsterdam is the city in which I works and live. I saw the people sleeping on the street and in the porches, so I decided to create work around that theme. I started photographing the homeless and also people sleeping save and sound in their own bed. I visited the polluted houses of people who were reported missing, taken in custody or went to a mental hospital. Most of the houses were filled tot the ceiling with waste and were representing the lives of those who lost it or left. The bike is in the collection of The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The Flood

The artworks are based and inspired by a Flood from 1918. My work was exhibited in the historical churches and in Museum The speeltoren at Monnickendam, one of the villages that had suffered from the Flood. The work was based on a slef written story and consisted form visuals sounds stories and designed smells.


I was asked by the historical physician Leo van Bergen to make drawings for his touching book Amongst the dying. From that point on I got more interest in this terrible war and created more works. I had several exhibitions with these works


I saw the famous having their perfume. I wanted one too. The process could be a performance and the bottles pieces of art. My first perfume was created around 1969. Golden Ophelius a perfume men dream of and Hamletta, a wet dream for women. My first publication was in the Penthause 😊.

At a certain point I decided to create perfumes form places and spaces. I was invited to create a perfume from Lombok, a part of the City Utrecht where I was born ( L’ eau de Lombok) and also to create one from new developed part of Amsterdam (New Domain). And I created perfumes from the museums where I was showing my work, Frans Hals Museum (Frans!), Fodor Museum (Fodeur) I then interviewed visitors and asked them to smell my perfume and photographed them. They could download their portrait from the internet where I published them. I only show a small selection here.

Smelling my perfume


Mail-Art: Artworks sent via the postal system.

I worked in the Mail Art Gallery/Archive of Ulises Carrion. He had the first gallery/archive in the world named Other Books And So.

Book-art: Books that are created as a piece of art. They could have any form but are having a sequence. Like for instance Arte Postale (See pics). Book-art was a term first used by Ulises Carrion from Other Books and so Archive in Amsterdam.

Stamp-Art, Rubber stamps: As what you sent is most of the time relatively small, and often in a edition, rubber stamsp are really handy tools to create some art work.

Stamp-Art, Postage stamps: Creating your own postage stamps as miniature form of art adds a lot of beauty to your mail.

Ephemera: everything else like posters and flyers.