Henk Fakkeldij is a trans-media artist and art teacher. He works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has a passion for art and music and performance and loves to tell a story. Sometimes in an abstract way, sometimes realistic or mixed. The medium he uses depends on the way he wants to communicate with his audience and the kind of the work. Therefore he relates to the Renaissance.

In his free work Fakkeldij loves to work on certain themes like: Homeless, Water, War and wants to express this in large and small drawings, paintings, 3D, through music, writing, Graphic scores, soundscapes, performance and singing.

Fakkeldij is proud to be a lecturer at The University of the Arts HKU at the department Games and Interaction where his focus is on mixed media projects, the art, the interaction and storytelling. For the HKU he has worked with many partners. He is also a teacher at Cultuurhuis Wherelant where his focus is mainly on drawing and painting.

Fakkeldij has works in the collection of The Stedelijk Museum, Akzo Nobel and performed in many shows. He followed a masterclass: Analysing and writing characters, provided by writer Maria Goos as works on an opera, with composer Thomas Geerts which will be expressed in mixed media. For The Film Crash from director Tjepke Zijlstra he works on drawings and a graphic score.